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Scraper loader|Scraperwinch|Muck Loader


Scraper loader,Scraperwinch and Muck Loader and MuckingLoader,They are mine loading equipment, since early hoist slowly evolved, intelligent human beings constantly the devices to more and better. In fact, in our current status of the development of underground mines, not the most advanced equipment can completely replace the old generation of equipment, but what conditions, what kind of equipment to use what kind of equipment. Take today we say Scraperwinch and Scraper loader and rock loading machine, Scraperwinch is the first generation of slagging equipment, due to the function it can only be the distance of slag or stone grilled taken together, resulting in the birth of back to the Scraper loader, the loader, scraper loader. But in the coal mine, even if the use of explosion-proof loader Scraper to use, but also the need for wire rope, the use of wire rope will inevitably produce sparks, then the safety of the underground is a major hazard. And the device is not so perfect, it is not so easy. So later the introduction of German technology, the rock machine will be replaced by the latest MuckingLoader.


Working principle of both:

After the motor starts, the gear and the reduction box are connected through a two stage reduction, driving the main shaft transmission, and then through the gear to drive two planetary gear reducer. When the internal gear is not stopped, can rotate freely, the main and auxiliary drum does not turn on the scraper bucket and rope resistance. If you press the right control handle, make the right inner gear brakes, master reel cylinder with the corresponding in the planetary gear and Samsung frame are driven by rotation twine, drag scraper. The auxiliary drum is under the traction of the wire rope. Loosen the right hand to press the left, came to a halt on the left side of the gear, and the corresponding auxiliary winding drum in the planetary gear and Samsung rack drives the rotating rope wrapped around, drag scraper quick return, the main drum is in wire rope traction rope decentralization. Alternately press, Panasonic left and right hand, the rake bucket for reciprocating motion to complete the work of the scraper.



For loader Scraper, the rock loader, it is completely the Scraperwinch all contain down, loader Scraper of the host car is put on the Scraperwinch sub host. What a rake, pulley ah are in the rock machine above the rock. The working principle is exactly the same as the two of them. So we use the Scraperwinch child will know how to use the loader Scraper, the use of loader Scraper people also know how to use the Scraperwinch. Loader Scraper is generally used in the heading of the section, while the Scraperwinch is used in the mining section of the.

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