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The sale of second-hand MuckingLoader and Scraper loader


 If you have used MuckingLoader or rake bucket loader (loader Scraper, rake loader) need to sell, you can contact us, we will buy high, to help you solve the problem of funds. My company's long-term production and sales: MuckingLoader, the coal scraping machine, backhoe loader, scraper bucket to pack the rock machine, Scraper loader, scraper, rake loading machine, loader, scraper winch, electric rake, the electric rake, scraper winch, mine loader, wheel loader, forklift mine, and mine shipped slag equipment, mining diesel vehicle with four wheels, diesel mine dump tricycle and so on mining equipment.

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   MuckingLoader and Scraper loader are used for underground mine loading operation of equipment, different is MuckingLoader in the downhole operation is more flexible, and Scraper loader must install the track of coal and non coal mines to use, more limitations, MuckingLoader is not the same, MuckingLoader can be used in tunnel is not less than 2 meters in height and width for deslagging loading operation, and can be self walking, and does not require outside help. Of course, Scraper compared to loader MuckingLoader, is the price is too high, and the current MuckingLoader problems are more, and loader Scraper is a lot of stability.


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