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Maintenance and maintenance of MuckingLoader (manufacturer's Guide)


First issue we explained how to correctly use the MuckingLoader and MuckingLoader before the operation of important matters needing attention, this period we will give you to explain how to maintain and how to repair MuckingLoader. At present, most of the construction of the tunnel where there are MuckingLoader figure, because the MuckingLoader is currently the most necessary products to carry out the slag. It can completely replace the manual or loader in the tunnel to carry out the loading operation. MuckingLoader it is, after all, machinery, is that people will be sick, and it is a new generation of loading machinery. Therefore, we need to always pay attention to maintenance and repair of MuckingLoader, maintenance MuckingLoader before, we need to do is: should be scraping bucket to fall to the ground, disconnect the power, pulling the operating handle, pedal, hydraulic unloading system.


(一)Shift maintenance requirements          
1, check the cables and joint damage, magnetic starter and other electrical and connecting line is burning, loose, and timely repair replacement.          
2, check the universal couplings, shaft, bearings and other parts of the lubrication should be correct and in time (for each class is a lubricating oil and calcium base grease.          
3, check the hydraulic oil tank oil level height, enough to refuel. Check oil pump, oil cylinder, distribution valve, oil pipe and other connection point whether there is oil leakage phenomenon.          
4, check whether the oil pipe is bent and twisted and affect the pipeline flow, there is no leakage, and timely elimination.          
5, check the connection parts, fasteners are loose and lost, and in a timely manner.
6, the cleaning work of the whole machine, especially the removal of dust on the radiator.

(二)Monthly maintenance requirements
1, check the oil pump of the fixed bolt, loosen the fastening.          
2, check the hydraulic components of the seal, in particular, check the oil cylinder piston rod "O" type seal ring is damaged, if there should be a timely replacement.          
3, clean the hydraulic oil filter, radiator.          
4, check the hydraulic oil tank, clean up oil, remove impurities, add enough hydraulic work oil.

(三)Quarterly maintenance requirements
1, clean the hydraulic system, sampling check whether the work of hydraulic oil metamorphism, or should replace the new oil.          
2, check the pressure of the distributor safety valve is changed.          
3, check the pin and sleeve parts are damaged.          
4, check the rotating mechanism and the installation of the parts of the bolt is loose.   
5, replace the necessary wearing parts.


MuckingLoader in the factory when, all of the hydraulic oil, gear oil, butter is enough, so to buy back the time without refilling, maintenance, hydraulic system in different seasons should use the appropriate type of hydraulic oil; hydraulic oil should be changed regularly, first 200 hours for replacement, after every 1000 hours replacement time. After the bridge or box should be replaced regularly gear oil, for the first time 50 hours, after every 500 hours to replace. Correct maintenance operation MuckingLoader, in order to give us more revenue! Please pay attention to www.pazhaji.com tomorrow will launch MuckingLoader overhaul and fault analysis.

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