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Early mining equipment - Scraperwinch


As the oldest generation scraper device, Scraperwinch is a well deserved, although has been regarded as the "old" devices, but we still less his place -- it remains powerful, under certain environment we haven't developed a low prices of equipment can replace it. It has the advantages of simple structure, the equipment appearance we can see that it is by the winch and the transformation. Said so much, then the device is actually used to do what? - Scraperwinch is mainly used for the handling of the equipment in underground mines, commonly used in: coal, lead-zinc ore, copper ore, phosphate, manganese ore, and so on mine slope for not more than 44 degrees slope or drift handling work to do. Greatly saving the time of artificial slag removal, Scraperwinch is mainly composed of Scraperwinch host and rake bucket and pulley steel wire rope. I company specializing in the production of manufacturing Scraperwinch, Scraper loader, scraper, scraper installed, slag raking machine, grilled slag machine mine equipment for loading and unloading.


The working principle of Scraperwinch

   Scraperwinch, 2JPB-15kwScraperwinch. The coal scraping machine, sand scraper, can station operated in close proximity, also can use a few meters away from the winch to tens of metres with a button to implement remote control distance operation. 2jpb-15kwScraperwinch is mainly used for horizontal rake, and can also be used for slope rake with no more than 44 degree, which can not be used as a lifting equipment for horizontal rake. We can use it to distant slag, ore, and other soft material rake take to the front to do the task of loading, commonly used in coal mine, phosphate, lead-zinc, copper, etc. mine is currently mining area will be lack of handling equipment.

Scraperwinch installation

Scraperwinch-威尼斯人5002.com installation method of the winch has temporary and long-term two. Temporary installation can be used to support the top column or add a steel rod, long-term installation must be used to lay the foundation of concrete. Based on the depth of the installation of the soil conditions, at least 500mm. If the re installation of the brake belt should pay attention to the operator in the Panasonic, the brake band and the brake wheel between the appropriate gap, so as to avoid overheating and excessive wear and tear. When the installation is complete, check whether the fixed connection is firm and reliable. Turn the drum with a hand 2~3 turn, flexible no clamping resistance rear can be wired to drive.


About products after sale:

Our company specializing in the production of manufacturing: Scraper loader, Scraperwinch, who buy my company Reddy through series of brand products homogeneous preserving one year of service. In the quality of the warranty period, the quality of the causes of failure, we free home repair and replacement service. Let you buy the rest assured that more at ease. First use of Scraperwinch, Scraperwinch winch of the time must first read the instructions carefully, operation Scraperwinch certain to first raise a lot of gear oil, at the time of the operation must not and press brake.

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