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Post maintenance and overhaul of MuckingLoader (manufacturer's Guide)


We all know that MuckingLoader is not a big problem in the use of the process, but there are still many problems, but how can we avoid the problems caused by small problems? Of course, according to our MuckingLoader instruction manual timing and regular maintenance. As for how to maintain, how to overhaul, before we in the maintenance of belt type MuckingLoader late that phase II "has been explained, then this chapter is mainly guide the church you how to MuckingLoader fault exclusion and simple maintenance.


⑴、MuckingLoader hydraulic system does not work, oil tanks, big arms, small arms, etc.. The reason analysis, 1, the amount of oil in the tank is insufficient. 2, oil tank outlet filter blocked. 3, oil pump within the fault or the oil suction pipe with air, hose suction flat. 4, the safety valve blocked by dirt dispenser. Elimination and solutions: 1, plus foot work oil. 2, cleaning filter. 3, troubleshooting. 4, open the safety valve screw will remove dirt waist. Note: the outer end cap not dismantled. 5, the replacement of hydraulic oil.

⑵、Pump noise, oil pump abnormal. Cause analysis, 1, the amount of oil in the tank is too low. 2, from the suction pipe to suck in the air. 3, from the oil pump seal ring into the air. Exclusion and solution: 1, check the oil level, add the hydraulic oil to the required height. 2, check the oil suction pipe, tighten the tubing nut. 3, replace the sealing ring.

⑶、The work of high temperature (above 80 degrees Celsius) or excessive heat, MuckingLoader did not force (most likely). Reason analysis: 1, the working hours of the day is too long. 2, the amount of oil tank work is insufficient. 3, filter clogging. 4, oil pump wear. 5, serious leakage of distributor. 6, cylinder leakage. 7, hydraulic oil is too thick, too thin. 8, the overflow valve is closed. 9, radiator heat sink too much dust. Elimination and solutions: 1, to stop working for some time. 2, add oil. 3, cleaning. 4, replacement. 5, replacement or repair. For more details, please pay attention to MuckingLoader Chinese network: www.pazhaji.com


⑷、The conveying belt deviation or. Fault analysis, belt relaxation, extension or wear. Solution: adjust the adjustment device of the wire rod to tighten or correction.

⑸、When the load is, the oil cylinder moves slowly or does not move, the breakdown analysis: 1, the oil tank inside the hydraulic oil is insufficient. 2, cylinder piston seal ring damage two cavity connection. 3, the hydraulic system has air. 4, filter, filter net adsorption of impurities too much. 5, the valve inside the string or damping hole blocking. 6, the working oil temperature is too high. 7, oil pump wear and tear, efficiency is reduced. 8, the safety valve leakage or has been opened. 9, oil pipe rupture. Elimination and solutions: 1, add hydraulic oil. 2, replace the sealing ring. 3, excluding air. 4, cleaning filter net. 5, dismantling and repair or replacement. 6, check the cooling device is normally 7, check or replace the oil pump. 8, check the pressure and the safety valve seal and re commissioning. 9, inspection and repair.

Above is MuckingLoader the most prone to problems, as long as we use regularly during the overhaul and maintenance, in accordance with the above method troubleshooting, so MuckingLoader also is not because of the small problems, finally in this wish you use our company MuckingLoader pleasant, relaxed and happy! Reddy MuckingLoader come for you!

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